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This is the best game ever conceived. god bless the creator and every cell in their body.

Almost as good ats Keeane vreeved as ttumble weedb vrry nice i wanna marry this 


Played this way before I got an account, finally found it again. Absolute masterpiece. bless. 

h a j o m e h i n a t e





im s c a r e d

uuuhhhhhhhh im sorry but this whole game i couldnt stop laughing


I tought this was a serious fanganme

not disapointed

it wont go past the warning screen tf?


creepy cancer kid

shutup nagito is a kween T^T



pretty good

(1 edit) (+3)

I laughed tears while playing this. This is so gold and I hope it will come back. I'll just silently pray to the part time hoodie model in the meantime


Hajime is the ultimate frenchman I don't make the rules


Hajome: "I think I heard someone in the back of the class swoon when I said hope"

Nagito: *Swooning noises*


Okay, I figured out that you purposely spelt the names wrong when you brought up Chi@key



french 101


"dont be like them little shits" fuck im dying

I loved this a lot! I look foward to seeing you finish in the future!


funny..just so fuckin funny!


im crying and shaking what IS THIS


I'M WHEEZING this is good quality material, 10/10

You know, I'm pretty sure my suspension of disbelief shouldn't be immediately terminated in the first major scene. Because you made the French teacher so incompetent, the usual immersive quality that makes visual novels great was lost.


Class 11037. I see what you did there.


SO far so good! Really funny. I look forward to seeing more! :D


Holy shit this game is amazing, Im laughing so hard at the names. Please continue this game!! XD